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You know you have the potential to become a billion dollar brand, but to get there every marketing and sales touchpoint has to deliver a clear, concise, and compelling narrative. Elevate your growth potential with STELR’s light, flexible go-to-market approach:


Unify your product, sales and marketing teams with one voice so you can approach the market with confidence and deliver faster, more consistent growth.


Accelerate pipeline volume and velocity with thought leadership content that predictably builds mindshare and moves more buyers from awareness to action.


Scale what works with launch programs and growth playbooks that give your sales and marketing teams a repeatable path to success.

Outperform the competition

Emerging growth companies that align their product, sales, and marketing teams experience up to:

Higher Revenue Growth
Greater Profitability


What we do


Create a plan that defines your marketing objectives, target buyers, and the mindset-shift needed to differentiate your products and make them a must-buy in your category.


Map your product vision with buyer mindset to create a unified messaging framework that strengthens all your market-facing content.


Develop compelling content that propels prospects through the buyer journey to drive greater marketing and sales performance.


End-to-end launch planning and execution to maximize the magnitude of impact for your next big release.

What’s our

Managing Director
Jeff Minich


STELR was started by tech industry veteran, Jeff Minich. Jeff has worked with several market leaders, including Omniture (Adobe), Yahoo (Verizon), and Transunion Digital, to help build and launch emerging products in digital marketing and analytics. At Yahoo, Jeff led product for V.1 of Yahoo’s people-based advertising platform, Audience Match, which was adopted by over two-thirds of the Top 200 US advertisers. With STELR, Jeff is working to help emerging tech brands to accelerate their transition from product-market fit to high-growth marketing and category creation. Jeff holds an M.S. in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.

Past Work


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