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Welcome to STELR 1000 667 Jeff Minich

Your partner for growth

If you could improve revenue growth and profitability by double-digit percentages simply by bringing your product, sales, and marketing teams into better alignment, you would do it right? That’s what product marketing does, it syncs product vision, marketing strategy, content, and execution to ensure your go-to-market teams are set up for maximum growth. Unfortunately, many emerging companies learn this too late, or never. But you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t. According to SiriusDecisions, emerging growth companies that align their product, sales, and marketing teams experience revenue growth increases of up to 36% and up to 28% higher profitability than those that don’t.

During my career, I’ve worked with tech companies of all sizes to help bring emerging technologies to market. I’ve worked in post-IPO to billion-dollar scale revenue environments to help build new categories like online analytics (Omniture) and people-based digital advertising (Yahoo). I’ve also been in the trenches with founders during the seed, series A, and series B stages of growth. I’ve personally held revenue responsibility for emerging products that grew from sub $1M to over $10M and from less than $10M to $50M and beyond.

Four things about emerging growth product marketing

Four observations led me to found STELR:

1. Implementing a rigorous approach to product marketing in emerging growth companies may seem in direct conflict with the need for agility and speed at this stage, thus:

2. Many emerging growth companies skip building a product marketing discipline as part of their early go-to-market efforts and move straight to a demand generation focus for marketing.

3. As a company scales, the efficacy of sales & marketing is degraded because of poor connectivity between the product and go-to-market teams.

4. When product marketing is finally adopted, there is often too much variability in the definition and quality of the product marketing function.

Ad hoc approaches to product marketing that become the norm in the experimental stages of growth are very difficult to change in later stages. I founded STELR to help emerging growth companies institute a light, flexible approach to product marketing that progressively establishes a solid foundation of support for all parts of their growth engines. When you’re ready to scale go-to-market it’s critical to standardize what works well into a highly repeatable model for your sales and marketing teams. That’s what we do. It’s our mission to be your partner for growth.

Jeff Minich
Managing Director